Horse Training Clinics

Horse Training Clinics & Workshops at The Colorado Natural Horsemanship Center

Picture of Jim Rea teaching forst-time horseback riders about "how horses work."

Jim Rea conducts an impromptu workshop on the nature of horses to an audience of first-time riders.

The Colorado Natural Horsemanship Center (CNHC) Natural Horsemanship Clinics and Seminars are personally conducted by Jim Rea. As one of Frank Bell’s first Accredited Instructors, Jim works extensively with horses that have behavior problems and is widely recognized for his ability to help horses whose behavior issues are rooted in pain. Jim is also an advocate of natural foot care. Click here to listen to Jim Rea talk about natural foot care on YouTube.

Jim and Frank have both taught at a number of Wild Horse Workshops teaching others how to gentle wild horses. Jim’s clinics and workshops are available at two levels, Foundation and Advanced. Both levels are held at various times throughout the year depending on scheduled participation. Private instruction is also available on a limited basis, just call Jim to make arrangements. Upcoming events will be updated and posted on this page so bookmark it now for future reference.

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